Waiting times for Social Security Hearings in San Rafael, Oakland and San Francisco

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It takes a long time to win your Social Security disability case if you live in the San Francisco Bay area or Solano County.  As of February 2013 (latest statistics available), the waiting time for a decision, if your case goes to Social Security Judge, varies from almost a year to a little over a year depending on where you live.   Here are the statistics:

  • San Rafael (with jurisdiction over Napa county, Marin county and Solano county (Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon) – 346 days
  • Oakland (with jurisdiction over Alameda and Contra Costa counties) – 349 days
  • San Francisco (with jurisdiction over San Francisco and San Mateo counties) – 394 days

It does not appear that the processing times will get any better.  The only consolation is that they used to be worse.  It used to take two years.  The Social Security Administration has definitely improved.

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