Veterans may now find it easier to get their providers to fill out Social Security forms

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As first reported on the NOSSCR website (National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives), the Department of Veterans Affairs recently released a directive which will help veterans get their doctors to fill out Social Security forms.  The directive, VHA Directive 2008-071, sets forth a policy that Veterans Health Administration (VHA) providers when requested, must assist veterans in completing non-Department of  Veterans Affairs (VA) medical forms.

The Directive provides a list of forms that doctors must complete.  Included in this list are  Social Security Administration Examination Forms.

This Directive should clear up any confusion that VA doctors had about whether or not it was permissible to complete Social Security forms.  Veterans should now be able to get treating source opinions from their VA doctors.

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  1. Geri,

    Nice catch! I was unaware of this directive. I have had difficulties in the past getting VA doctors to complete medical source statements for Social Security claims, which is terribly frustrating, since often the VA is that claimant’s sole source of medical care. This should be a real help. Thank you!

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