Social Security will process disability cases faster for “compassionate” cases

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Acknowledging the long backlog of disability cases, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) began a new program last month to process cases faster for people who have certain terminal conditions.  The SSA has published a list of 50 conditions that qualify for a “compassionate allowance.”  If an applicant has one of the conditions, his or her application will be processed faster with only a minimum amount of medical evidence needed.   According to SSA’s website, compassionate allowances will allow the SSA to “target the most obviously disabled individuals” for allowances based on objective medical information that they can obtain quickly.  They expect to process such cases within 20 days of receipt.  This is quite fast compared to a case that they do not consider to be compassionate.

SSA believes it will continue to expand this list as the program continues.

This is certainly a welcome development.  I hope the SSA will continue to look forward and come up with other ways to reduce their backlog.

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