Social Security field offices closed but you may still apply for disability

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SSA closed

I drove by the Vallejo field office the other day and saw this sign that the field office is closed.  It is closed just like all of the field offices across the United States.  Nevertheless, you may still apply for disability online.  While applications may not be processed as quickly as we would like, they are only going to get slower if the pandemic becomes worse and/or the economy collapses.  I urge you to apply now if your are disabled.   If you would like assistance, please feel free to call my office.

The hearing offices are also closed to the public, but nevertheless, they are proceeding with hearings.  Hearings are now telephonic.  It is likely to be this way for some time.  While it is still possible to object to a telephonic hearing, you are unlikely to have an “in-person” hearing for a long time.  I have long objected to video hearings or telephonic hearings but now it is matter of having the case heard .  We all have to accept this reality, for now.

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