How to dress to see a Social Security Disability attorney and how to dress for a hearing

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I sometimes will read the terms that people are searching for when they reach my blog so that I know what topics I should address in future posts. One of the most recent searches that was done was on how to dress to see a Social Security Disability attorney. I have never given any thought as to whether someone is dressing up or down to see me. If you do have that question, my advice would be to wear something comfortable. When I am meeting someone, I am most interested in hearing about why they cannot work. I am not interested in what they are wearing. I would say that comfort is most important. As a potential client, as you are going to be sitting, perhaps for an hour or two while we talk. You should be comfortable.

It is not much different when you go to your hearing in front of a judge at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (“ODAR”). When my clients ask me what to wear, I tell them to dress comfortably. It is not a fashion show. You do not need to be there in a suit or tie. However, I also think it is important to be respectful. You will be in front of an administrative law judge. Do not wear jeans with holes in them, low-cut shirts, or baseball hats. You should be mindful that you are in a government office and in front of someone who will be making a decision about your case. Be comfortable as you will be for an hour or two, but when deciding what to wear, give some thought as to where you will be.

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