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Difficulties the Social Security Administration will face in the next decade

Yesterday the Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report on Preliminary Observations on Key Management Challenges that Social Security will be facing over the next few years.  (The report uses the word “challenges” instead of problems but they are really problems.) … Continue reading

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Enjoy the national parks with an Access Pass

Now that we are well into summer I thought I would highlight an item that people with disabilities may obtain to enjoy the national parks for free.  This item is called an “Access Pass.”  This is a lifetime pass that … Continue reading

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Can I receive Social Security benefits if I have been deported?

Recently one of my colleagues asked whether his client who had been deported (now called “removal”) could receive Social Security benefits.  I thought this was an intriguing question so I decided to research it.  The answer is generally, “no,” but … Continue reading

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