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Will Social Security consider the years of schooling I have had or what my real edcuational ability is when determining what other work I can do?

I am currently working on a federal court case in which my client completed 8th grade but believes that she really only has an education at the 3rd or 4th grade level.  She claims that the teachers just passed her … Continue reading

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How does the governmnet shut down impact my Social Security disability case?

The government shut down is not helpful to the Social Security Administration (“SSA”), to say the least.  The Agency already takes a long time to process claims and now they will be further behind. As to how the shut down … Continue reading

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Free workshop in Vallejo on navigating through the Social Security Disability Process

I will be giving a free workshop tomorrow, Wednesday May 22, 2013 at the Global Center for Success in Vallejo on navigating through the Social Security Disability application process.  I will be covering the following topics: Overview of the application … Continue reading

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