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Waiting times for Social Security Hearings in San Rafael, Oakland and San Francisco

It takes a long time to win your Social Security disability case if you live in the San Francisco Bay area or Solano County.  As of February 2013 (latest statistics available), the waiting time for a decision, if your case … Continue reading

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The top four reasons why Social Security Disability cases are denied at the initial and reconsideration stages of review

In thinking about my cases over the past year, I realize I can see patterns in why Social Security Disability cases are denied.  I am going to summarize them here.  Before I do, however, a few points are worth mentioning.  … Continue reading

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Ongoing medical treatment – essential for your health and to your case

 It is a mistake to think you can go to your disability hearing in front of a judge and expect the judge to believe that you are disabled if you have no current medical evidence to present.  My colleague Gordon … Continue reading

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