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Am I eligible for SSI if I am in a domestic partnership and my partner makes a lot of money?

I received an inquiry at my San Francisco office from a potential client who is interested in applying for Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”)  My potential client is poor but his partner makes a lot of money and supports him.  (I … Continue reading

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How much can I earn and keep my SSI?

At lesat once a week I receive an inquiry from someone wondering if they will lose their SSI if their SSI if they work a few hours. The answer is that Social Security does not look at the number of … Continue reading

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May a student on SSI receive a scholarship and remain on SSI?

I recently received a question from a student attending a San Francisco bay area university asking whether a receipt of a scholarship would prevent him from collecting SSI.  The answer is “no,”  as long as the scholarship is used (or … Continue reading

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