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Getting the Earnings Record Right

I am seeing in more and more of my cases that the Social Security Earnings Record is an issue in and of itself.  It isn’t that Social Security is getting it wrong.  It is that the individuals have not checked … Continue reading

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Social Security Administration fails to reduce initial claims backlog due to funding

In a report,   The Social Security Administration’s Progress in Reducing the Initial Disability Claims Backlog released on April 28, 2014, the Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) examined the Social Security Administration’s (“SSA”) efforts to reduce its initial disability … Continue reading

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Thoughts on applying for SSDI after the end of DOMA

“Are you married?”  This is the question I asked today of my client when we were filling out her form for disability insurance benefits.  In the past, I would not bother asking that question when my client was in a same-sex … Continue reading

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