California monthly SSI payments for 2009

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On December, 7, 2008, I wrote a post about the amount of money you could collect if you were in California and win SSI in 2008.  I mentioned that I would write another post in January for the amount in 2009.  Here is that post!

The SSI payment in California consists of two parts:  a portion paid by the federal government and a portion paid by the State of California.  The federal portion in 2009 is $674.00 to a single person and $1011.00 for a couple.  (You can see the actual figures posted on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) website here.   The State of California adds to that portion to make the total amount $907.00 for a single person and $1579.00 for a couple.  Not every person receives the maximum amount.  The amount could be different if a person has other income.  Here is the chart for an individual/couple living independently in 2009:

Elderly                                 Blind                              Disabled

$907.00/$1579.00         $972.00/$1806.00          $907.00/$1579.00

You may access the complete chart for all categories here: 2009-ssi-amounts-for-california


  1. Why is the Governor reducing our SSI payments so much>>>>> I live in California, As prices go up every where, my check goes down!!!!! How long is this gonna be going on for????? It is not fare!!!!! Why doesent the governor find something else to take away from instead????? People are becoming homeless because of him!!!!!! D.L.N 6-12-09

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