International conference on Disability Law presented on Second Life

Virtual Ability, Inc. a disability rights community with an active presence on Second Life® will be presenting an International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference on Saturday and Sunday, July 23/24, in Second Life.

In 2006, the United Nations held a Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The text of the Convention was adopted by the UN General Assembly, and now has over 100 signatory states, including the US and the European Union.

Legislation to protect the rights of persons with disabilities is becoming common around the world. However, the June 9 World Health Organization study, the World Report on Disability, found significant barriers to equal access for persons with disabilities still exist.

This international conference will begin to explore legal protections around the world for persons with disabilities. Featured panels of persons from around the world will discuss local legislation that supports the rights of persons with disabilities. Panelists come from Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

Featured presenters include Scott Gill, Simon Walsh, Sister Abeyante, and Roberta Walker Kilkenny.

Gill is Executive Director of Access 2 independence, a Center for Independent Living in Iowa, US; he will talk about the independence movement. Walsh is head of his own consulting firm in the UK; he will compare the US ADA legislation with the UK’s DDA. Abeyante is a Salvatorian Sister; she will discuss advocacy for disability (civil and human) rights. Kilkenny is a college instructor; she will present about the significance of the UN Convention.

Presentations by the National Service Inclusion Project and the Job Accommodation Network will highlight disability services available in the US. Other sessions will feature peer support, comedy, and dance, both as part of the affirmation celebration.

Presentations will take place in Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability Island within Second Life: The full schedule of confirmed presenters is posted inworld, and at

Ongoing medical treatment – essential for your health and to your case

 It is a mistake to think you can go to your disability hearing in front of a judge and expect the judge to believe that you are disabled if you have no current medical evidence to present.  My colleague Gordon Gates, has written an e-book entitled “10 Steps to Prepare for your Social Security Disability Hearing.”   One of the points he mentions is the necessity of having current medical evidence in the record.  He notes that more cases are granted at the hearing level specifically because there is more complete medical evidence submitted at that stage.   I would highly recommend reading his book which is available for free on his website.  It contains other valuable tips which I may discuss in my blog at a later date.  I know that I will be sharing the book with my clients. 

Too often my clients think that they cannot go to the doctor because they do have money for insurance.  It may be true that you cannot go to some doctors because you do not have insurance but  fortunately there is a way to receive medical care if you are resident of Solano county.  If you do not have money to pay for health insurance and you meet other financial eligibility criteria, you may apply for CMSP (County Medical Services Program), through the county welfare department.  If you are approved, you may receive medical treatment including prescription medications.

Help yourself by seeking out the treatment you need.  Help your case by obtaining the treatment so that the judge can see that you are doing all you can to help yourself and that there is medical evidence to support your statements as to why you cannot work.